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Biziborong 2pcs Kids Children Adult Cooling Gel Patch Pad Fever Heat Relieve Relief Ice - RC95
Product SKU MC95
Size (L x W x H) 16 cm x 8 cm x 1 cm
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- GOOD QUALITY: The cooling gel patches are made of good quality material and comfortable for skin. It is used to relieve migraine and headache, prevent heatstroke, relieve fatigue, and refreshment. Consider the health and function of this product, please use it only once.
- SKIN CARE & COMFORTABLE: The cooling patch is a hydrophilic gel product that has good applicability to the skin and is refreshing in cooling. Cooling patches can be used on foreheads, necks, temples, or other areas that require cooling.
- PERFECT ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: With its discreet and compact size, the cold gel packs is the perfect addition to take with you anywhere! The item is light and small, it is ready to use at anytime and anywhere. You don't need ice, water and towel anymore! take it with you as your travel companion for comfort while on the road or up in the air, or use it at home while lounging around.
- SUITABLE FOR: Relieve headache, toothache pain. Drowsiness, fatigue, refreshing, relieve fatigue, sunstroke.

Package Included: 2pcs patch in 1 pack, packaging random

Application instructions:

Open the packaging and remove the cooling plaster. Remove the transparent protective film and place the side with the cooling gel on the desired body part. The plaster sticks to the skin by itself thanks to the hydrogel.


1.For external use only.

2.Avoid direct contact with the skin near the eyes and mouth.

3.Do not use on sensitive skin.

4.Children should not use the cooling plaster without supervision.

5.The cooling plaster is a single use product.

6.Storage: Store the cooling plaster cool or in the shade and not in direct sunlight. Chilled storage (not frozen) can improve the cooling effect.

7. The Color is just for appearance purposes, it doesnt contain flavour.

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