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Biziborong Fragrance Laundry Beads Capsule Liquid Gel Detergent Clothes Washing Machines Car Windshield Sabun Basuh Baju 洗衣凝珠 - HL067
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- Laundry beads is soluble in water and has no residue after washing.

- Enzyme formula. The ecologically active enzymes has been selected to be carefully formulated to penetrate the fabric fibers and clean the stains.

- 8 times concentrated. (8g Laundry beads=60g of your Laundry liquid)

- Deep clean, no residue and environmental protection.

- This laundry beads is a phosphorus-free concentrated formula, no added aluminum, fluorescent agent, deep clean, easy to rinse, no residue and more environmentally friendly.

- Color given will be randomly picked.

3 in 1 Scent

- Scent beads produce lovely scent after washing

Washing Machine Tablet

- Fast Cleaning: Cleaner tablets breakdown easily into deep scrubbing powder when exposed to water. The tablets clean your washing machine Quickly

- How To Use: washing machine cleaning tablets are very easy to use just fill the tank with water and put 1 to 2 tablets in a water. 

- High-Quality: Our heavy-duty washing machine cleaner tablets are professionally made to be of high-quality to change your washing machine cleaning experience for the better.

Car Windshield Detergent Tablet

- EXTREME COST SAVINGS: Our cleaning tablets are cheap and you can get 4 liters of cleaning water with just one tablet, which greatly reduces your cost and is the best choice for your car.

- WIDE RANGE OF APPICATION: This car windshield effervescent tablet can help you in many ways, 1 tablet can produce 4 liters of windshield washer fluid, not only can clean the glass, you can also use these to clean your vehicle's every corner.

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